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The fleet

The Lufthansa Group’s fleet is by far the largest asset in the Company’s balance sheet. Operating a modern and efficient fleet is key to the financial success of the Lufthansa Group.

Aircraft from the world’s two largest manufacturers, Airbus and Boeing, make up the majority of the fleet. Aircraft from Bombardier, Embraer, Fokker and BAE Systems are also deployed on short and medium-haul routes.

Group fleet

Lufthansa Passenger Airlines inclusive Germanwings and regional airlines (LH), SWISS (LX), Austrian Airlines (OS) and Lufthansa Cargo (LCAG) as of 31.12.2013

Group fleet – Number of commercial aircraft and fleet orders
Manufacturer/typeLHLXOSLCAGGroup fleet
Airbus A3100
Airbus A319715783
Airbus A320622816106
Airbus A321628676
Airbus A330181836
Airbus A340461561
Airbus A3500
Airbus A3801010
Boeing 7372929
Boeing 7472929
Boeing 76766
Boeing 777426
Boeing MD-11F1818
Bombardier CRJ531) 53
Bombardier C-Series0
Bombardier Q-Series1414
Avro RJ2020
Fokker F7099
Fokker F1001515
Total aircraft431947720622

Manufacturer/typeof which finance leaseof which operating leaseChange compared with 31.12.12Additions 2014 to 2025Additional options
Airbus A310-2
Airbus A319106+22
Airbus A320182+1710275
Airbus A3214 +143
Airbus A3303-2
Airbus A34033-2
Airbus A3502530
Airbus A380-4
Boeing737  -16
Boeing MD-11F-
Bombardier CRJ-3
Bombardier C-Series-3030
Bombardier Q-Series-
Avro RJ6-2
Embraer +1
Fokker F70 -
Fokker F100-
Total aircraft3723-5261164

1) Partly let to Lufthansa regional airlines.

Contact person

Patricia Minogue

Investor Relations Manager
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Patricia Minogue

Investor Relations Manager
+49 69 696 28003


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Investor Relations Manager,
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Creditor Relations Manager
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Background annual report for 2013

Once a year, the fleet orders are published in the annual report. The actual fleet may differ from these published figures.