Fleet structure to be further optimized

At the end of 2022, the Lufthansa Group fleet comprised 710 aircraft (previous year: 713 aircraft). The average age of the aircraft in the fleet was 13.1 years (previous year: 12.7 years). The fleet shrank by three aircraft year-on-year. 24 aircraft were added, while 27 were disposed of. The additions to the fleet comprised 16 new aircraft (two Boeing 787-9s, five Airbus A321neos and nine A320neos) and eight used aircraft (four A350-900s, two A321P2Fs and one A320-200, each leased, and one Boeing 777F). On the other hand, in 2022 twelve older, comparatively inefficient aircraft were sold (three A321s, six A320s and three Bombardier CRJ900s) and the leasing agreements for 15 aircraft were ended. Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, 110 aircraft have been retired. In the same period, i.e. since the end of 2019, 57 aircraft have been added.

Group fleet – number of commercial aircraft

Lufthansa German Airlines including regional airlines, Germanwings and Eurowings Discover (LH), SWISS including Edelweiss (LX), Austrian Airlines (OS), Brussels Airlines (SN), Eurowings (EW) and Lufthansa Cargo (LCAG) as of 31 Dec 2022

Manufacturer/typeLHLXOSSNEWLCAGGroup fleet
Airbus A220 30    30
Airbus A31937  1536 88
Airbus A3209431311659 231
Airbus A3217896 121)96
Airbus A3302516 9  50
Airbus A340349    43
Airbus A35021     21
Airbus A38014     14
Boeing 74727     27
Boeing 767  3   3
Boeing 777 126   18
Boeing 7872     2
Boeing 777F     162)16
Bombardier CRJ28     28
Bombardier Q-Series      0
Embraer26 17   43
Total aircraft38610763 409618710

1)  A321P2F operated by Lufthansa CityLine.
2)  Partly operated by AeroLogic, of which two aircraft attributed pro rata.

Manufacturer/typeof which leaseof which temporarily decomissionedChange compared with 31 Dec 2021
Airbus A220   
Airbus A31919 -8
Airbus A3203053)+3
Airbus A321344)+4
Airbus A330475) 
Airbus A340 7 
Airbus A3505 +4
Airbus A380 106) 
Boeing 747   
Boeing 767   
Boeing 7772  
Boeing 787  +2
Boeing 777F5 +1
Bombardier CRJ  -3
Bombardier Q-Series  -6
Total aircraft




3)  Of which three aircraft will return to flight operations in 2023.
4)  Of which one aircraft is expected to return to flight operations in 2023.
5)  Of which three aircraft will return to flight operations in 2023.
6)  Of which two aircraft will return to flight operations in 2024.

At year-end 2022, there were 174 aircraft on the Lufthansa Group’s order list. There are also options to buy a further 58 aircraft.

Fleet orders Lufthansa Group

 Fixed orders1)DeliveriesAdditional options
Long-haul fleet   
Airbus A350282023 to 2029 
Boeing 787302022 to 202620
Boeing 777202025 to 202824
Boeing 777F92023 to 2030 
Short-haul fleet   
Airbus A220  14
Airbus A320572023 to 2027 
Airbus A321302023 to 2027 
Total aircraft1742023 to 203058

1) Excluding contracted leases.