Fleet structure is optimised continuously

At year-end 2017, the Lufthansa Group fleet consisted of 728 aircraft with an average age of 11.4 years. This is 111 aircraft more than in the previous year. This growth is exclusively due to the consolidation of Brussels Airlines and the acquisition of aircraft from the Air Berlin group.

Aircraft from Airbus and Boeing make up the majority of the fleet. Aircraft from Bombardier and Embraer are also deployed on short- and medium-haul routes. Aircraft from the manufacturers Fokker or BAE Systems are no longer in service at the Lufthansa Group as of year-end 2017. In recent years, the number of aircraft types in operation has been continuously reduced through a corresponding fleet strategy and will continue to go down further in the years ahead.

A total of 29 new aircraft, including seven long-haul aircraft, were delivered to the Lufthansa Group in the financial year 2017. The latter consisted of five Airbus A350-900s for Lufthansa German Airlines and two Boeing 777-300ERs for SWISS. Deutsche Lufthansa AG also took out an operating lease on another A330-200 aircraft currently flying for the Eurowings group.

Group fleet

Lufthansa German Airlines inclusive regional airlines (LH), SWISS inclusive Edelweiss (LX), Austrian Airlines (OS), Eurowings inclusive Germanwings (EW), Brussels Airlines (SN) and Lufthansa Cargo (LCAG) as of 31.12.2017

Group fleet – Number of commercial aircraft and fleet orders
Manufacturer/typeLHLXOSEWSNLCAGGroup fleet
Airbus A31930575022 114
Airbus A32083*29236212 209
Airbus A32163964  82
Airbus A33026*16  10 52
Airbus A340429    51
Airbus A3506     6
Airbus A38014     14
Boeing 737       
Boeing 74732     32
Boeing 767  6   6
Boeing 777 85  518
Boeing MD-11F     1212
Bombardier CRJ35     35
Bombardier C-Series 15    15
Bombardier Q-Series  1820  38
Avro RJ       
Embraer26 17   43
Fokker F70       
Fokker F100  1   1
Total aircraft35791831364417728
Manufacturer/typeof which finance leaseof which operating leaseChange compared with 31.12.16Additions 2018 to 2025Additional options
Airbus A3192415+291 
Airbus A320269+556150
Airbus A3212 +345 
Airbus A33098+106 
Airbus A340  –2  
Airbus A350  +51930
Airbus A380  -  
Boeing737  –1  
Boeing747  -  
Boeing7672 -  
Boeing7771 +23620
Boeing MD-11F  –2  
Bombardier CRJ  -  
Bombardier C-Series  +101530
Bombardier Q-Series 20+20  
Avro RJ  –8  
Embraer  -  
Fokker F70  –3  
Fokker F100  –7  
Total aircraft6452111183130

Ten Bombardier C Series and twelve aircraft from the A320 family, including five A320neo aircraft, were delivered to the airlines in the Lufthansa Group for the short- and medium-haul fleets. In addition, a total of 58 aircraft were bought or leased from the Air Berlin group by the Eurowings group, five by Austrian Airlines and two by Edelweiss in 2017.

At year-end 2017, the Lufthansa Group’s order list contains 183 aircraft for delivery by 2025. In the financial year 2018, the Lufthansa Group is again expecting to take delivery of up to 30 aircraft. A further twelve aircraft are due to be taken over in 2018 as part of the transaction with Air Berlin.

The vast majority of the fleet is still owned by the Group and is unencumbered. It is supplemented by a small proportion of leased aircraft.

New and used aircraft are generally always taken into equal consideration when the fleet is expanded. This enables the Company to respond flexibly to fluctuations in demand and to increase or reduce its capacity at short notice.

Long-haul fleet 
34 Boeing 777X2020 to 2025
2 Boeing 777– 300ER2018
19 Airbus A3502018 to 2023
6 Airbus A330-3002018 to 2019
Short-haul fleet 
106 Airbus A320neo family2018 to 2025
15 Bombardier C Series2018 to 2019
1 Airbus A319-1002018