Dividend policy

The stabilization measures of the Economic Stabilization Fund, which the Lufthansa Group took advantage of as a result of the corona pandemic to secure its solvency, exclude the payment of dividends. This applies until the complete termination of the stabilization measures, i.e. until the Economic Stabilization Fund has fully sold its share package. Following the full repayment by the Lufthansa Group of the financial aid provided by the German government on November 12, 2021, the Economic Stabilization Fund is obliged to sell its stake in Deutsche Lufthansa AG amounting to 14.1% of the issued capital by October 2023 at the latest.

In the long term, however, shareholders should again participate directly in the Company’s success. The Group's dividend policy in effect since 2019 has been to distribute 20 to 40 percent of net income adjusted for one-time gains and losses.