Dividend policy

The Executive Board of Lufthansa Group has decided to change its dividend policy. In the future, the Group plans to pay out a regular dividend of 20 to 40 percent of the Group’s net profit, adjusted for one-time gains and losses. The prior policy stipulated a payout of 10 to 25 percent of Group EBIT. 

By changing its dividend policy, the Group demonstrates its commitment to the generation of attractive shareholder returns. The payout range of the new dividend policy offers the Group more flexibility compared to the previous policy to achieve dividend continuity.

Unchanged to the previous policy, the new dividend policy also allows for shareholders to participate in a particularly positive performance by the Company by means of a special dividend or share buyback.

Dividend 2019

The ordinary Annual General Meeting held on 5 May 2020 approved the proposal of the Executive Board to use the net profit of EUR 298m. from financial year 2019 as a whole for the appropriation into other retained earnings and to suspend the dividend payout for the 2019 financial year.

Taking into account the Group’s financial outlook and the exceptional crisis the aviation industry is facing, this reflects the focus on preserving liquidity. The Group's fundamental policy of distributing 20 to 40 percent of net profit remains unaffected.

The payment of dividends is excluded until the stabilization measure of the Economic Stabilization Fund has been fully terminated.