Lufthansa Group key figures at a glance1)

Revenue and Result
  20192018Change in %
Total revenue€m36,42435,5422
- of which traffic revenue€m28,13627,8011
Operating expenses€m37,12435,1646
Adjusted EBITDA€m4,7185,016-6
Adjusted EBIT€m2,0262,836-29
Net profit/loss€m1,2132,163-44
Key balance sheet and cash flow statement figures
  20192018Change in %
Total assets€m42,65938,21312
Equity ratio%24.025.1-1.1 pts
Net indebtedness€m6,6623,48991
Pension provisions€m6,6595,86514
Cash flow from operating activities€m4,0304,109-2
Capital expenditure (gross)2)€m3,5593,757-5
Free cash flow€m203288-30
Key profitability and value creation figures
  20192018Change in %
Adjusted EBITDA margin%13.014.1-1.1 pts
Adjusted EBIT margin%5.68.0-2.4 pts
EBIT margin%5.18.4-3.3 pts
ROCE%6.111.1-5.0 pts
Adjusted ROCE%6.610.6-4.0 pts
The Lufthansa share
  20192018Change in %
Share price at year-end16.4119.70-17
Earnings per share2.554.58-44
Suggested dividend per share0.80-100
Traffic figures 3)
  20192018Change in %
Available seat-kilometresmillions359,567349,3913
Revenue seat-kilometresmillions296,511284,6394
Passenger load factor%82.581.51.0 pts
Available cargo tonne-kilometresmillions17,37816,3496
Revenue cargo tonne-kilometresmillions10,66410,896-2
Cargo load factor%61.466.6-5.2  pts
  20192018Change in %
Employees as of 31.12.number138,353135,5342

Average number of employees


1) The figures shown here and elsewhere in the report include effects from the first-time application of new accounting standards and other accounting changes. Detailed explanations and a detailed overview are provided in the chapter
Earnings, assets and financial position, p. 33ff., of this Annual Report. Previous year’s figures have been adjusted accordingly. For ease of comparison with the forecast figures, the previous definitions have been kept in the reporting year for the year-on-year calculation of performance indicators (yields, RASK, CASK).
2) Without acquisition of equity investments.
3) Previous year’s figures have been adjusted.

Date of publication: 19 March 2020.

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