Lufthansa Group key figures at a glance1)

Revenue and Result
  20182017Change in %
Total revenue€m35,84435,57912)
- of which traffic revenue€m28,10328,399-13)
Operating expenses€m35,46635,35504)
Adjusted EBITDA€m5,0165,0090
Adjusted EBIT€m2,8362,969-4
Net profit/loss€m2,1632,340-8
Key balance sheet and cash flow statement figures
  20182017Change in %
Total assets€m38,21335,7787
Equity ratio%25.125.5-0.4 pts
Net indebtedness€m3,4892,88421
Pension provisions€m5,8655,11615
Cash flow from operating activities€m4,1095,368-23
Capital expenditure (gross)5)€m3,7573,4748
Free cash flow€m2502,117-88
Key profitability and value creation figures
  20182017Change in %
Adjusted EBITDA margin%14.014.1-0.1 pts
Adjusted EBIT margin%7.98.3-0.4 pts
EBIT margin%8.39.3-1.0 pts
ROCE%11.113.2-2.1 pts
Adjusted ROCE%10.611.9-1.3 pts
The Lufthansa share
  20182017Change in %
Share price at year-end19.7030.72-36
Earnings per share4.584.98-8
Suggested dividend per share0.800.800
Traffic figures 6)
  20182017Change in %
Available seat-kilometresmillions349,489322,8758
Revenue seat-kilometresmillions284,561261,1499
Passenger load factor%81.480.90.5 pts
Available cargo tonne-kilometresmillions16,43115,7544
Revenue cargo tonne-kilometresmillions10,90710,8191
Cargo load factor%66.468.7-2.3 pts
  20182017Change in %
Employees as of 31.12.number135,534129,4245

Average number of employees


1) The figures for 2017 and 2018 shown here include effects from the first-time application of new accounting standards and other accounting changes. Detailed explanations are provided on p. 29f. of the Annual Report 2018.
2) Without IFRS 15 effect: 6 %.
3) Without IFRS 15 effect: 7 %.
4) Without IFRS 15 effect: 7 %.
5) Without acquisition of equity investments.
6) Previousyear’sfigureshavebeenadjusted.

Date of publication: 14 March 2019.

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