Responsible management aimed at sustainable value creation is ensured at the Lufthansa Group by efficient structures and processes. We have always attached great importance to openness and clarity in corporate communications. Transparency is an important precondition for maintaining and expanding confidence in Lufthansa among our lenders, our employees and the general public.

The Lufthansa Group operates as a global aviation company with headquarters in Cologne. That is why, in particular, German company law, co-determination law and capital market law along with our Articles of Association and company-specific implementation of the Corporate Governance Code form the basis of the Group’s management and supervisory structure.

Compliance Management System & Code of Conduct

Responsible and lawful behavior is a perquisite for the sustainable economic success of the Lufthansa Group. Lufthansa Group has implemented a comprehensive compliance management system, which consists of the compliance modules Competition Compliance, Capital Market Compliance, Integrity and Embargo Compliance. Furthermore the Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG has adopted a Code of Conduct as the foundation of a set of values for Lufthansa Group. This summarizes the rules of conduct and guidelines of the Group and is binding for all managers and employees of the Group.

Lufthansa Group's other voluntary commitments include participation in the “United Nations Global Compact” and membership of the anti-corruption organization “Transparency International”.

Responsibility & Sustainability

The Lufthansa Group strives to operate sustainably and responsibly in all areas of its business. To ensure this, it has put in place a comprehensive sustainability agenda. Detailed information on this can be found in the section on Responsibility”, in the summarized non-financial statement” contained in the Annual Report and in the annual Sustainability Report of the Lufthansa Group Balance”.