Over 3,200 shareholders followed today's Annual General Meeting of Deutsche Lufthansa AG online. A total of 40,8 percent of the share capital was represented. By a large majority they discharged the members of the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board from their responsibility for the conduct of business in 2020.

A majority of 97,79 percent of the shareholders approved the creation of Authorized Capital C with a nominal value of up to 5.5 billion euros, as proposed by the Executive Board and Supervisory Board.

Shareholders also elected Angela Titzrath (Chairman of the Executive Board, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG), Dr. Michael Kerkloh (Former Chairman of the Executive Board, Flughafen München GmbH) and Britta Seeger (Member of the Executive Board, Daimler AG) to the Supervisory Board. Angela Titzrath and Dr. Michael Kerkloh had already been appointed as Supervisory Board members by court order in September 2020. Britta Seeger replaces Stephan Sturm, who resigned from the Supervisory Board at the end of today's Annual General Meeting.

In total, eight agenda items were put to vote at the Annual General Meeting. The Deutsche Lufthansa AG shareholders approved all items by a large majority.

Detailed information on the Annual General Meeting is available at www.lufthansagroup.com/agm.