Morgan Stanley, Wilmington, Delaware, USA, has notified us pursuant to
section 25 (1) WpHG on 16 May 2012 the following:

1. Listed company:
Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Von-Gablenz-Straße 2-6, Cologne, Germany

2. Notifier:
Morgan Stanley, Wilmington, Delaware, USA

3. Triggering event:
Falling below threshold due to acquisition/disposal

4. Threshold(s) crossed or reached:

5. Date at which the threshold is crossed or reached:

6. Total amount of voting rights:
4.21% (equals 19,272,784 voting rights)
calculated from the following total number of voting rights issued:

7. Detailed information on the voting rights proportion:
- Voting rights proportion based on financial/other instruments pursuant to
sec. 25 WpHG:
3.94% (equals 18,026,614 voting rights)
thereof held indirectly: 3.94% (equals 18,026,614 voting rights)
- Voting rights pursuant to sec. 21, 22 WpHG:
0.27% (equals 1,246,170 voting rights)

8. Detailed information on financial/other instruments pursuant to sec. 25
- Chain of controlled undertakings: Morgan Stanley & Co International Plc,
Morgan Stanley UK Group, Morgan Stanley Group (Europe), Morgan Stanley
International Limited, Morgan Stanley International Holdings Inc
- Details on financial/other instruments:
Physically-Settled Call Options Expiration dates 15 May, 18 May, 15 June,
14 December, 21 December 2012
Retransfer Claims Various contracts that can be exercised at the lenders