1. Details of issuer

Name:Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Street:Venloer Str. 151-153
Postal code:50672
Legal Entity Identifier (LEI):529900PH63HYJ86ASW55

2. Reason for notification

 Acquisition/disposal of shares with voting rights
XAcquisition/disposal of instruments
 Change of breakdown of voting rights
 Other reason:

3. Details of person subject to the notification obligation

Legal entity: Société Générale S.A.
City of registered office, country: Paris, France

4. Names of shareholder(s)
holding directly 3% or more voting rights, if different from 3.


5. Date on which threshold was crossed or reached:

23 Apr 2020

6. Total positions

 % of voting rights attached to shares 
(total of 7.a.)
% of voting rights throug instruments 
(total of 7.b.1 + 7.b.2)
Total of both in % 
(7.a. + 7.b.)
Total number of voting rights pursuant to Sec. 41 WpHG
New0.82 %4.66 %5.49 %478,194,257
Previous notification0 %0 %0 %/

7. Details on total positions 
a. Voting rights attached to shares (Sec. 33, 34 WpHG)



In %

(Sec. 33 WpHG)
(Sec. 34 WpHG)
(Sec. 33 WpHG)
(Sec. 34 WpHG)
DE00082321253,840,415100,0000.80 %0.02 %


0.82 %

b.1. Instruments according to Sec. 38 (1) no. 1 WpHG

Type of instrumentExpiration or maturity dateExercise or conversion periodVoting rights absoluteVoting rights in %
Right to recall lent securitiesN/AN/A5,982,0621.25 %
Listed Call Options19.06.2020-17.12.2021Until 19.06.2020-17.12.20212,618,3000.55 %
Certificates05.06.2020-18.06.202105.06.2020-18.06.20211,062,5570.22 %
OTC Call Options18.12.202018.12.2020325,8040.07 %
  Total9,988,7232.09 %

b.2. Instruments according to Sec. 38 (1) no. 2 WpHG

Type of instrumentExpiration or maturity dateExercise or conversion periodCash or physical settlementVoting rights absoluteVoting rights in %
OTC Call Options on Basket03.01.202503.01.2025Cash3,8420.00 %
Contracts For DifferenceN/AN/ACash276,0990.06 %
Equity Linked Swaps18.05.202018.05.2020Cash590,0310.12 %
OTC Call Options17.06.2020-03.01.2033Until 17.06.2020-03.01.2033Cash2,074,2760.43 %
OTC Call Options19.06.2020-18.09.202019.06.2020-18.09.2020Cash22,3160.00 %
OTC Put Options17.06.2020-03.01.2033Until 17.06.2020-03.01.2033Cash1,136,8960.24 %
OTC Put Options19.06.2020-18.12.202019.06.2020-18.12.2020Cash128,6250.03 %
Listed Put Options19.06.2020-16.12.2022Until 19.06.2020-16.12.2022Physical5,193,3001.09 %
Listed Call Warrants17.06.2020-03.01.2033Until 17.06.2020-03.01.2033Cash1,607,5170.34 %
Listed Call Warrants19.06.2020-03.01.202519.06.2020-03.01.2025Cash4,2630.00 %
Listed Put Warrants17.06.2020-03.01.2033Until 17.06.2020-03.01.2033Cash1,136,8960.24 %
Listed Put Warrants19.06.2020-18.12.202019.06.2020-18.12.2020Cash128,6250.03 %
   Total12,302,6862.57 %

8. Information in relation to the person subject to the notification obligation

 Person subject to the notification obligation is not controlled nor does it control any other undertaking(s) that directly or indirectly hold(s) an interest in the (underlying) issuer (1.).
XFull chain of controlled undertakings starting with the ultimate controlling natural person or legal entity:
Name% of voting rights (if at least 3% or more)% of voting rights through instruments (if at least 5% or more)Total of both (if at least 5% or more)
Société Générale S.A.%%%
Société Générale Effekten GmbH%%%
Société Générale S.A.%%%
Généfinance S.A.%%%
Sogéparticipations S.A.%%%
Société Générale Bank & Trust S.A.%%%
SG Issuer S.A.%%%
Société Générale S.A.%%%
Société Générale Americas Securities Holdings, LLC%%%
Société Générale Americas Securities, LLC%%%

9. In case of proxy voting according to Sec. 34 para. 3 WpHG
(only in case of attribution of voting rights in accordance with Sec. 34 para. 1 sent. 1 No. 6 WpHG)

Date of general meeting: 
Holding total positions after general meeting (6.) after annual general meeting:

Proportion of voting rightsProportion of instrumentsTotal of both

10. Other explanatory remarks:



28 Apr 2020