Kühne Aviation GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, informed us on 17 May 2022 pursuant to Art. 43(1) WpHG thereby making reference to the exceedance of the threshold of 10% from 8 April 2022, as follows:

As of 8 April 2022, Kühne Aviation GmbH ('Kühne Aviation', at that time acting under its former company name KA Logistik Beteiligungen GmbH) has exceeded the 10% shareholding threshold in Deutsche Lufthansa AG ('DLA') and has submitted a corresponding voting rights notification to the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority ('BaFin'), which DLA published on 11 April 2022 pursuant to Art. 40(1) WpHG. Pursuant to Art. 43(1) WpHG, KA hereby informs DLA of the objectives pursued with the acquisition of the voting rights and the origin of the funds used for the acquisition.

Objectives of the acquisition of voting rights:

  1. The investment in DLA supports the implementation of KA's strategic objectives
  2. KA is monitoring the market development as well as the development of DLA's business operations and does not rule out a possible acquisition of additional shares or voting rights in DLA within the next twelve months.
  3. As managing director of KA, Mr Karl Gernandt represents the interests of the company. KA has not exerted any influence on the composition of the administration, management or supervisory board of DLA since the shareholding threshold of 10% was exceeded. Should the current supervisory board or DLA offer a seat on the Supervisory Board, KA would nominate a person qualified for this board function, who would then certainly be put forward for election or could be a replacement candidate for retiring members of the supervisory board.
  4. KA strives for a stable capital structure of DLA and a shareholder-friendly dividend policy.

Source of the funds used for the acquisition

KA financed the acquisition of the 119,668,113 shares in DLA through equity and debt with maturities of up to four months.