The Executive Board of Deutsche Lufthansa AG confirms its forecast of around EUR 1.0 bn in operating profit for the financial year 2014 (EUR 1.3bn after adjustment for one-off effects). This forecast includes the impacts from strike actions of around EUR 170m to date but no impacts from possible further strikes in the rest of the year. In the period from January to September 2014, the Group achieved an operating profit of EUR 849m (previous year: EUR 663m) and is therefore on target for the full year 2014. 

The target for the operating result in 2015 has been adjusted from approx.. EUR 2bn to “significantly above the result of 2014”. This is mainly due to a general downturn in the forecasts for global economic growth compared to earlier in the year and as a result of this lower projected revenue growth. The results will also be depressed by a sharp increase in pension costs due to the much lower discount rate. Due to the current strong volatility, especially in the oil prices and in the EUR/USD exchange rate a more precise forecast will only be issued next year.